Is this Really Happening in Canada?!

Is this Really Happening in Canada?!


Police have sworn an oath to protect the citizens of Canada and to uphold the law. Those that are in violation must be documented/recorded and held to account. See Call to Action below!

Trudeau’s desperate attempt to hold on to power by invoking the Emergencies Act changes nothing for Canadians. First of all, he has not demonstrably proved that there is an emergency and in fact had to fabricate one in order to facilitate his subversive attack as he grapples to hold on to power. Secondly, even if he succeeds in prolonging the Emergencies Act it states very clearly in the preamble that the Charter of Rights and Bill of Rights are “fundamental rights that are not to be limited or abridged even in a national emergency.”

Trudeau doesn’t have a leg to stand on. He knows it and this is his last hurrah. It is critical for Canadians to rise up en-masse in civil disobedience, Canada wide, to support the truckers.,,,


It’s time for the police and military to pick a side

The Young Global Leaders (great video btw) of the World Economic Forum includes players like Justin Trudeau, Macron, Merkel and Chrystia Freeland. Trudeau cannot accomplish what he is doing without the support of others who were groomed, prepared and strategically positioned for this attempt at a Communist Revolution.



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