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Norway reclassifies Covid-19: No more dangerous than ordinary flu

Covid-19 is treated in the mass media as a very dangerous disease in the face of which mass vaccination and severe restrictions for the whole society are applauded despite few deaths beyond the risk groups. But in Norway, it has now been decided to treat it like other respiratory diseases, such as influenza or the cold virus, because according to the Norwegian Institute of Public Health it is no longer more dangerous than these.

Published: September 23, 2021, 10:24 am

The Norwegian Institute of Public Health FHI has made the remarkable, but statistically supported, decision to classify Covid-19 as a respiratory disease that is as dangerous as the common flu. It is clarified that the pandemic is not over, but that it has entered a new phase where Covid-19 is now equated with a common respiratory disease, such as a flu or respiratory infection. This is done, among other things, due to the mutations that the Coronavirus has undergone, which makes it less dangerous, together with increased natural and vaccination-induced immunity that has been achieved in Norwegian society.

Geir Bukholm. Photo: FHI

Although the infection itself continues to circulate in the population, this does not mean an increase in hospital stays, which in itself means that the Coronavirus no longer creates a large burden on healthcare in Norway. This is because the vast majority of those at risk are protected. Those who are vaccinated also get severe symptoms and those who are not in the risk groups also usually only get ordinary mild cold symptoms. FHI thus makes the assessment that the Coronavirus now joins the ranks of other respiratory viruses such as the common cold and seasonal flu.

“It is something positive and sends out signals that at least in Norway, at the moment, they consider themselves aware of the situation,” said Niklas Arnberg, professor of virology at Umeå University and chairman of the Pandemic Foundation to Aftonbladet.

More contagious but less dangerous

The FHI believes that the pandemic itself is not over because it is still out in the world and is spreading at the same time as the proportion of people vaccinated worldwide is low. As long as it spreads outside the territories of rich countries, it will be a continuing pandemic, it is said.

With fewer in the high-risk groups who are in need of healthcare, the burden on healthcare decreases sharply.

The second factor is one that is well known, namely that viruses with very few exceptions over time on purely evolutionary grounds develop towards becoming more contagious but at the same time less lethal. Sars-CoV-2 has undergone thousands of mutations and different variants have replaced each other in the rate of spread and degree of infection, but which have continuously proved less and less deadly. This spread also continues among vaccinated people as the degree of vaccine protection against this variant is lower than against previous variants, which also enables its continued spread, even in countries where the majority of the population has been vaccinated.

In the studies conducted by FHI, it has been found that both partially and fully vaccinated people who receive Covid-19 have a low risk of having to go to hospital for care, but that the same also applies to healthy people who do not belong to risk groups. In those who were partially vaccinated, it has been concluded that the degree of protection against the Delta variant is only 22 percent, which increases to 65 percent for those who received two doses of vaccine. There are still low degrees of efficacy compared with the Alpha variant of the virus, where the degree of protection was instead 55 percent and 84 percent for those vaccinated.

According to the latest statistics from FHI, 67 new patients have been admitted to hospital with Covid-19 as the main cause during week 37, which is a decrease from 95 cases the week before. But of the new cases in week 37, only 9 patients needed intensive care, a decrease from 22 from the previous week.

It is also believed that the risk of needing medical care increases for those who are completely unvaccinated, but this is otherwise dependent on the risk group you are in. Around 40 percent of those who needed to be admitted for care in Norway during the past week have, for example, been fully vaccinated but have then an overwhelming majority belonged to risk groups. Around 5 percent have been partially vaccinated and around 55 percent of those admitted have not been vaccinated at all. A total of 11 people died with Covid-19 during week 37, a decrease from 13 deaths the previous week. The average age of those who died in week 37 was 80 years and thus in the risk group.

In Norway, 90 percent of the population over the age of 18 have received their first dose and 83 percent have received their second dose and are thus considered fully vaccinated.

Influenza does not require mass vaccination

The significantly improved situation in Norway means that they choose to classify Covid-19 as a respiratory infection of the same degree of danger as influenza. This does not mean that it is seen as harmless, but rather that just as in the case of influenza, it is believed that it can be managed and that the risks for patients with a Covid-19 or influenza infection are comparable and that it is for people in the risk groups.

“The total societal costs for virus-caused diseases can be tens of billions of kronor every year, without us having a pandemic,” Arnberg told Swedish daily Aftonbladet. He cited common colds and stomach ailments as causes for this.

Every year, between 300 000 and 1,5 million Swedes fall ill with the flu, but few still die, only between 700 and 2000 annually, with fairly large annual variations within this range. As in the case of Covid-19, it is in the risk groups that the overwhelming majority of deaths occur, but no mass vaccinations are carried out at the societal level despite this.

More children aged 10-19, for example, die of the common flu each year, between five and ten children, which is more than what died with Covid-19 in 2020 and 2021, as according to the National Board of Health and Welfare’s death register only four children who died with Covid-19 so far. In terms of this age group, the flu is more dangerous than Covid-19. This is interesting in itself, because in Norway, unlike Sweden, they have chosen not to vaccinate children under 12 years of age.

The future looks bright

By the winter, it is suspected in Norway that the hospitals will not be burdened with patients who have fallen ill with Covid-19, but instead there will be a mixture of Covid-19, other respiratory infections and common flu.

“I think we have reached the top this time. Then I think instead that we will get a winter wave that comes later. But we do not think it will be bigger than the healthcare system can handle,” Geir Bukholm told Verdens Gang.

According to FHI’s assessments, the infection is on the decline, fewer people become seriously ill, very few die and Norway’s assessment that Covid-19 is no longer more dangerous than a common flu looks increasingly correct.



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Doug Ford’s daughter anti-vax rant on social media


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Doug Ford’s daughter, Krista, proving that stupidity runs in the family #FordfailedOntario



Doug Ford’s daughter just went on another anti-vax rant on social media

As hard as Premier Doug Ford has been trying to encourage all eligible Ontarians to get inoculated against COVID-19, he apparently fails to convince those closest to him – such as his eldest daughter, Krista, who continues to spread anti-vax rhetoric online.



The Claim that COVID Jabs Are Safe and Effective Has Fallen Apart. “Forcing Employees to be Stabbed by Covid Jabs”

“The rush to vaccinate first and research later has left you in a position whereby COVID-19 vaccination policy is now entirely divorced from the relevant evidence base.” 


The cohesiveness of society is beginning to tatter into shreds as governments and media continue to push the manufactured COVID crisis into new frontiers of deception and divisiveness.

On the one hand there has been a flood of revelations revealing the unprecedented scale of the deaths and injuries being caused by the improperly tested COVID injections. Much of this information is accompanied by analysis revealing the tactics being deployed to misrepresent and hide the massive harm being done.



PART 1: Federal Govt HHS Whistleblower Goes Public With Secret Recordings “Vaccine is Full of Sh*t”

Want us to send you Part 2 directly? Sign up at: our mission:…

Alternative adress  :

Federal Govt Whistleblower Goes Public with Secret Recordings: ‘Government Doesn’t Want to Show

Federal Govt Whistleblower Goes Public with Secret Recordings: ‘Government Doesn’t Want to Show the [COVID] Vaccine is Full of Sh*t’; ‘Shove’ Adverse Effect Reporting ‘Under the Mat’ We knew this one would be taken off so share at large !!

Public understanding of the lethal harm our society is absorbing from the COVID jabs is growing just as authorities are joining together to impose mandatory vaccines on many classes of workers and students.

This imposition of mandatory vaccines is being opposed by a growing coalition of Frontline Workers for Freedom. This group has organized large demonstrations throughout Alberta including at Calgary, Edmonton, and Lethbridge. At Lethbridge City Hall about 400 people gathered at City Hall on Wednesday September 15 to oppose mandatory vaccines.  

In Alberta like elsewhere throughout North America, the public movement against forcing employees to be stabbed by unwanted COVID jabs is being led by police, EMS workers, and some nurses. By and large the leadership of trade unions is not backing up the position of their members who are resisting taking the dangerous COVID injections as a condition for retaining their jobs.

Nor is the Student Union at the University of Lethbridge or the professors’ faculty association at the U of L protecting their membership from the dangers associated with the vaccines. They are not standing up for the principles of freedom or choice or bodily autonomy.

My recently-published article on the failure of trade unions to align themselves with the upsurge of popular resistance to the coercive imposition of mandatory vaccination is available at Global See this.

Mike Whitney is the bearer of a lot of bad news in his well-documented article entitled. “The Conspiracy Theorists Were Right, It IS a Poison Death Shot.” Whitney describes that the COVID jabs were allowed to receive tentative emergency use authorization in spite of the fact that top authorities in the regulatory agencies knew the jabs would cause death, injuries and infertilities.  

As Whitney sees it, its not human error that is causing the harm but rather the damage is being done because of the malevolence of those pushing the vaccines on the world population. Whitney concludes by writing,

The vaccine isn’t supposed to work, it’s supposed to make things worse. And it has! It’s increased the susceptibility of millions of people to severe illness and death. That’s what it’s done. It’s a stealth weapon in an entirely new kind of war; a war aimed at restructuring the global order and establishing absolute social control. Those are the real objectives. It has nothing to do pandemics or viral contagion. It’s about power and politics. That’s all.

Dr. Joseph Mercola, a leading member of the of the group that US President Joe Biden labelled the “Disinformation Dozen,” surveys legal cases involving legal challenges to mandatory vaccinations. Biden is attempting to force the owners and managers of all businesses with over 100 employees to require mandatory vaccinations as a condition of employment.

One of the legal strategies being used to oppose vaccine mandates in court involves the scientifically-well founded argument that natural immunity to COVID-19 is much more strong, resilient and adaptable that the weak and circumscribed immunity from the COVID shots. In fact vaccines undermine the natural immunity of those who have been infected with COVID-19. See this.

Biden has made coercively-imposed vaccines a centerpiece of his presidential administration in a sharply worded speech where he basically characterized so-called “unvaccinated” people as enemies of the state. Justin Trudeau is employing a similar strategy in his campaign for re-election in Canada. How can you run an election campaign when all the main parties basically agree on almost everything? Trudeau seems to think he can appoint the unvaccinated as the foes he promises to defeat if elected.

The “unvaccinated” are being demonized and dehumanized. We are being blamed for many things, including the completely false claims that it is us who are filling the hospitals. This process of dehumanization is all too familiar to an aroused group of holocaust survivors. They see another vicious crime taking shape. They write,

If 80 years ago it was the Jews who were demonized as spreaders of infectious diseases, today it is the unvaccinated who are being accused of spreading the virus. Physical integrity, freedom to travel, freedom to work, all coexistence has been taken away from people in order to force vaccination upon them. Children are being enticed to get vaccinated against their parents’ judgement. See this.

Whitney’s article calls attention to the interventions of top medical researchers in Europe who identify their group as Doctors for Covid Ethics. The group includes Prof. Sucharit Bhakdi, Prof. Martin Haditsche and Dr. Michael Yeadon, all top authorities in their fields.

In February of 2021, 12 health care professionals including those named above warned the European Medicines Authority that it should not give the COVID jabs emergency use authorization. The Doctors for Covid Ethics blew the whistle, arguing that the vaccines were too dangerous and that they were likely to cause a wide array of serious blood ailments as well as infertility. I wrote about their intervention in a Global Research essay earlier in September. It is entitled “Herd Stupidity.”

On September 13 the same scientists wrote back to the European Medicines Authority noting the failure of the EMA to take their professional whistle blowing seriously. They explain the murderous consequences of the disastrous decision to “rush to vaccines first and conduct research later.” Infamy is cast on many officials who showed contempt for the scientific method by their decision to rush ahead with mass injections of vaccines before proper research could take place. The malfeasance extends to the enforcers of mandatory vaccines including President Mike Mahon of the University of Lethbridge.

Rather than deal with the increasingly compelling case that the vaccines are doing much more harm than good, Dr. Mahon and the University of Lethbridge Board of Governors chose to indiscriminately and coercively push mandatory vaccinations on the entire university community including students, faculty members, and staff.

Of course many university presidents corporate presidents, government officials, and media moguls are guilty of the same malfeasance. But the cooptation of universities removes a major obstacle to the plans of those behind the manufactured COVID crisis. It seems that a primary condition for participation in the activities of higher education these days is to demonstrate a willingness to buckle to administrative dictate rather than stand on the ground critical thinking and sound independent research.

The intervention of the Doctors for Covid Ethics comes in the form of a notice of liability making explicit the guilt of those officials who chose to ignore their medical intervention back in February. It is worthwhile to share a lengthy section of the notice. They begin by explaining

This request [for a response from the European Medicines Authority back in February]was scorned and the vaccination program has been rolled out on a global scale, with catastrophic consequences that we trust are known to you. Our original fears have been confirmed and further pathways leading to injury and death by the experimental agents have been uncovered through new scientific discoveries in 2021. The rush to vaccinate first and research later has left you in a position whereby COVID-19 vaccination policy is now entirely divorced from the relevant evidencebase.

This request was scorned and the vaccination program has been rolled out on a global scale, with catastrophic consequences that we trust are known to you. Our original fears have been confirmed and further pathways leading to injury and death by the experimental agents have been uncovered through new scientific discoveries in 2021. The rush to vaccinate first and research later has left you in a position whereby COVID-19 vaccination policy is now entirely divorced from the relevant evidence base…..

As you consider your next steps in mandating a vaccine that is contra-indicated by science, we draw your attention to recently published Freedom of Information requests, which reveal gross negligence in the COVID vaccine authorisation process, including misleading the Commission on Human Medicines as to whether any independent verification of vaccine trial data had occurred.

Hapless and defenceless children are now becoming victims of the blasphemic and negligently regulated vaccination agenda. We charge you for actively or tacitly paving the way to the second holocaust of mankind. The same charge has been independently submitted by survivors of the first holocaust and their families.

You are hereby placed on notice that you stand to be held personally and individually responsible for causing foreseeable and preventable harm and death from COVID-19 vaccines, and for supporting crimes against humanity, defined as acts that are purposely committed as part of a widespread or systematic policy, directed against civilians, committed in furtherance of state policy.

The gravity of your deeds is now laid out before the world. For the sake of yourselves and your families, rise and respond. Or go down in history books in indelible shame and disgrace.

Signed, Doctors for Covid Ethics

Cc: Rechtsanwaltskanzlei Dr. Reiner Fuellmich

The US Food and Drug Administration, the FDA, carries similar regulatory responsibility for these COVID vaccines as the does the European Medicines Authority in the EU. In Canada, Health Canada is the responsible agency that gave the vaccines’ emergency use authorization.

The FDA is in serious disarray especially after it gave “approval” to a new Pfizer COVID vaccine to be known as Comirnaty. This disarray developed because the FDA failed to include its own panel of scientific experts a say in the approval process. Some on the panel resigned because of the decision to leave then out of the process.

This failure can be seen as yet another violation of the precautionary principle. The supposedly “approved” product, however, is currently unavailable and probably will not be available until Pfizer gets a guarantee that it will not be sued for any deaths or injuries caused by the Comirnaty vaccine.

The indemnification of vaccine companies speaks of the corrupt nature inherent in the public-private partnerships integral to the workings of the pharmaceutical industry. Like many industries, Big Pharma has captured its regulators. All too often government agencies overseeing the activities of companies like Pfizer or Moderna have officials who are patent holders with proprietary interests in some of the very products they assess and oversee. The notorious litany of lies and conflict-of-interest swirling around Dr. Anthony Fauci is emblematic of an industry gone horribly wrong.

On Sept. 17 the FDA’s Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee refused to approve the release of the booster shot that Joe Biden had declared would become available on September 20. This refusal of the usual suspects to comply with the agenda of quick and compliant authorization signals that something is changing. Even insiders are starting to try to distance themselves from the dark cloud of corruption that hangs over the whole area of government regulation in the era of the manufactured COVID Crisis.


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Dr. Hall is editor in chief of the American Herald Tribune. He is currently emeritus Professor of Globalization Studies at University of Lethbridge in Alberta, Canada. He has been a teacher in the Canadian university system since 1982. Dr. Hall, has recently finished a big two-volume publishing project at McGill-Queen’s University Press entitled “The Bowl with One Spoon”.

He is a frequent contributor to Global Research.

Featured image is from The Daily Sceptic




‘Fully vaccinated’ account for nearly 100 percent of New York university’s COVID cases


1.‘Fully vaccinated’ account for nearly 100 percent of New York university’s COVID cases

LifeSiteNews has produced an extensive COVID-19 vaccines resources page. View it here. 

SYRACUSE, New York (LifeSiteNews) – Syracuse University announced on September 17 that 143 of its 148 identified cases of COVID are attributable to individuals who have been vaccinated. 

“There are now 148 active cases on the dashboard, eight fewer than yesterday,” the campus paper The Daily Orange reported. However, the COVID-19 dashboard showed only five students were in quarantine that day, meaning 143 of the students considered “fully vaccinated” were not in isolation. 

This means that 96% of the identified COVID cases are attributable to people considered to be fully jabbed by the university. 

A university official previously said 93% of the identified COVID-19 cases were among inoculated students. 

“Of the positive tests, 93% are among vaccinated students, many of whom are asymptomatic or have mild symptoms,” the campus paper reported, based on comments from Mike Haynie, the private university’s vice chancellor for strategic initiatives and innovation. 

The university’s own interpretation of the threat of COVID spread belies the efficacy of the shots.  

‘Fully vaccinated’ account for nearly 100 percent of New York university’s COVID cases – LifeSite

It’s official: Joe Biden has announced that his Administration will be forcing COVID vaccinations on nearly 1/3rd of American citizens, blatantly disregarding the personal objections of millions of people and moving America ever closer towards a medical dictatorship. We cannot stand for this unprecedented overreach, and we will not submit to Biden’s tyrannical public coercion efforts.


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This is not the first time that the google owned media platform has censored scientists for sharing their findings on cases of vaccine-induced injuries or deaths. REUTLINGEN, Germany ( LifeSiteNews) – YouTube removed a livestreamed video of various experts in Germany discussing adverse effects of COVID-19 vaccines.


3. COVID shot mandates are ‘tyranny’ and should be resisted: US bishop

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Bishop Strickland detailed what the Catholic Church’s official teaching is on vaccine or other mandates of any kind. ( LifeSiteNews) – In the latest episode of The Bishop Strickland Show, Bishop Joseph Strickland once more called out forced COVID-19 vaccinations, describing how governments, Christian leaders, and others that are pushing the mandates are promoting a tyrannical agenda.

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