Fight The Fines Canada

Si vous avez une amende covid, partout à travers le Canada ils paient les avocats pour vous défendre !!

If you’ve been fined during the pandemic for no good reason, please use the feedback form on this page to contact us in confidence. You may be eligible for FREE legal defence — where we will help fight your ticket for free!

Fight The Fines Canada

Every single day we’re hearing stories of law-abiding citizens – families, really – who are being ticketed and fined by overzealous police and bylaw officers for simply doing what the prime minister is doing. We’re not talking about the rambunctious house parties that fly in the face of social distancing and make a mockery of us all.

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Nous allons contester les contraventions des 1000 premiers québécois gratuitement!

Tout québécois qui a reçu un billet lié au couvre-feu en vertu des règles de confinement du Québec peut remplir un formulaire pour nous raconter son histoire…

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