Last chance to fix Bill C-11

Last chance to fix Bill C-11

Bill C-11 just passed the final vote at the House of Commons – and STILL gives the CRTC unprecedented power to regulate YOUR videos, podcasts, Spotify feeds, Netflix queue, and more.1

Any online legislation must respect your freedom of expression and your choice to freely watch the content you want. Bill C-11 does neither.

But there’s still time to fix C-11 – Canada’s Senate is now considering amendments to the bill. They’re our last chance at making sure Bill C-11 gets the full examination and fixes it deserves.

If enough of us speak out, Senators will take action to protect YOUR rights. Email the Senate right now to demand they fix Bill C-11!

click on image to send a letter to senators:

Last chance to fix Bill C-11

The House of Commons was asked to fix Bill C-11’s flaws – and they’ve fixed NOTHING. As passed, the Bill still gives the CRTC the power to bury the content that we actually want to watch and push content the CRTC thinks we should be watching.




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