Vaccine Passports are illegal and will be defeated.

Vaccine Passports are illegal and will be defeated.

I suspect that this is just another coercion method, just like telling you that you cannot travel on planes are trains unless you are vaccinated. This is also illegal, and for those of us paying attention, we do not fall for these tricks. Unfortunately, many people do. The latest one is employers enforcing or trying to enforce vaccinations. This is also illegal, and anyone doing this, can be sued. Hold your ground.


Canadian Lawyer on Vaccine passports.

In this video, Nicholas Wainsbutter discusses the illegality of vaccine passports and denying entry into establishments from vaccination status. Not mentioned in this video is an upcoming filing from Rocco Galati, one of Canada’s top constitutional lawyers, on an injunction on these passports, UNTIL his court filing against Bonnie Henry, Adrian Dix, and the federal government has its day in court.

About the Author: David Cheyne

I am an extremely concerned citizen about the direction our politicians wish to take us, UNLAWFULLY, against our wishes. The evidence, lying and censoring the truth about covid 19 is at an all time high. I am not a doctor, or scientist. Nor do I need to be. There is massive censorship of these professionals funded by big pharma to silence them from exposing the truth. On this site, I have documented their videos, along with lawyers all over the world. There are multiple law suits in Canada against the Federal and Provincial governments for their actions regarding Covid 19. The cases and lawyers are well documented on this site, and you can find them under the Awake Resources tab. The research is accumulated through thousands of our members, some of which are police, doctors, chiropractors, immunologists, and harvard educated people. We are not anti-vaxxers, nor conspiracy theorists. We are citizens that are determined to expose the truth. The mainstream media on this planet is owned by 6 large companies. The rest are subsidiaries, and all of them are being given directives to suppress anything against the narrative of lockdowns, and vaccines. There is a political agenda in play here, and our governments have turned against their people. They are using software, and mail in ballots to keep their political figures in office to complete this agenda. We are all being played on a massive level, and by investigating the material on this site and thousands of other sites that popped up trying to share the truth with you, our goal is simply this. To save our Country from totalitarianism and to save our citizens from medical tyranny from corrupt organizations such as the WHO, and the CDC. These companies are now just vaccine companies owned by the medical cartel we are all falling victim too. This is a wake up call to humanity, our police, military, and citizens to take back our country and expose the criminals, and to hold them accountable in trials for war crimes against humanity. WE WILL WIN PEOPLE! STAY STRONG. STAY FOCUSED. NEVER STOP SPREADING THE TRUTH. THE TRUTH WILL PREVAIL!!


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