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Dear Governor General, Your Excellency the Right Honourable Mary Simon,
As a Canadian citizen, I am asking you to revoke your support of the implementation of the Emergencies Act.
Part II, Section 19 of the Emergencies Act states that: 


(2) Where a declaration of a public order emergency specifies that the effects of the emergency extend only to a specified area of Canada, the power under subsection (1) to make orders and regulations, and any powers, duties or functions conferred or imposed by or pursuant to any such order or regulation, may be exercised or performed only with respect to that area.

Given that the blockades to critical infrastructure outlined in your February 15 proclamation have been in the provinces of Ontario, BC and Alberta only, this Act should not be passed on a national level. While Ontario and BC premiers have supported the use of the Act, Alberta’s premier has not.
Also – if this state of a “Public Order Emergency” has been unjustly called, Section 45 of the Act says that the Crown will be held liable under the Crown Liability Act
Ms SImon, I, along with many Canadians, believe this Act was invoked unjustly and illegally. Please do all within your power to revoke it and to regain the trust of Canadian citizens.
On that note, should a vote of non-confidence be called in Parliament, please support the dissolution of Parliament and the dismissal of Justin Trudeau as Prime Minister of Canada,
Thank You,
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