“The Real Anthony Fauci”, by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

“The Real Anthony Fauci”, by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

a brief summary of RFK Jr’s timely book – extract below (comments from both RFK Jr & D4CE:

“Summarizing his book in an interview with James Corbett of the Corbett Report, Kennedy describes a process whereby regulatory agencies such as the FDA, NIH and CDC have become “sock puppets of the industries they are supposed to regulate.” Tony Fauci, Kennedy explains, is “the spearhead of an agency that has experienced regulatory capture on steroids. The FDA receives 45 percent of its annual budget [US$5.9 billion], from pharmaceutical companies. The NIH has thousands of pharmaceutical patents, and the CDC spends about 4.9 billion dollars a year, out of its 12 billion dollar budget, buying and distributing vaccines. It is the biggest vaccine company in the world.” “

“”Anthony Fauci is what Hannah Arendt termed a ‘schreibtischtäter’ or ‘desk killer.'”

“Since Fauci came into office 50 years ago, “we’ve gone from six percent of the American public having chronic disease to, today, 54 percent,” says Kennedy, with three times the consumption of pharmaceutical products as other Western nations, at the highest prices. “He’s turned that agency [the FDA] into an incubator for pharmaceutical products.” “

“Fauci also receives “1.7 billion dollars from the military, essentially to do bioweapons research. Sixty eight percent of his personal salary comes from doing military bioweapons research.” While Fauci’s agency contributed millions to gain of function coronavirus research in Wuhan China, “the biggest contributor was the CIA, which gave about 69 million dollars, and the Pentagon, through DARPA, which gave about 39 million dollars. And the three of them were all working in tandem.” “

“The NIH, for instance, owns “half the patent for the Moderna vaccine. So that agency, Tony Fauci’s agency, stands to make billions and billions of dollars if they succeed in getting that vaccine approved. And Toni Fauci was able to designate four of his high-level employees who each get individual patent shares. They will collect $150,000 a year for life if the Moderna vaccine is approved, which it has been.”

Subject: Forbes names US official, Anthony Fauci, set to collect fattest retirement package in country’s history:


30 Dec, 2021 05:29

Forbes names US official, Anthony Fauci, set to collect fattest retirement package in country’s history:

White House Covid adviser Anthony Fauci is expected to break a record by collecting tens of thousands of dollars in retirement checks once he quits his job


ILE PHOTO: The White House, Washington, DC, US. ©  Reuters / Jim Young

President Biden’s chief medical aide, Anthony Fauci, the senior US Covid-19 adviser and national institute director, is slated to receive over $350,000 in annual retirement benefits – the largest in the US government’s history.

An estimate by OpenTheBooks.com – a Chicago-based non-profit devoted to transparency in public spending – published by Forbes on Tuesday states that Fauci’s pension plan will begin in the $350,000 range and continue to grow “through annual cost-of-living adjustments.” Though Fauci insists he has no plans on retiring any time soon, he will reportedly reap the largest benefit package ever paid to a federal worker when he does.


The 81-year-old immunologist has served as the head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) since 1984, and was placed on the White House’s Covid-19 response team under US President Donald Trump. Biden has since promoted Fauci to chief medical adviser to the president, during which time he has kept his place as NIAID director. In total, he’s worked the better part of six decades in the federal government.

For the past two years running, Fauci has been the most highly paid federal employee – including the president – earning $417,608 in 2019 and another $434,312 in 2020, according to US Office of Personnel Management records obtained by the watchdog. The health adviser’s 2021 salary is currently subject to a Freedom of Information lawsuit, which is also seeking details about potential conflicts of interest, financial disclosures, and his employment contract.

The Office of Personnel Management has stated that, on retiring, federal employees with a career as long as Fauci’s earn “80 percent of [their] high-3 average salary, plus credit for [their] sick leave.” Based on that guideline, OpenTheBooks calculated Fauci’s likely retirement benefits using his three highest-earning years on record.

However, even with a generous pension awaiting him, Fauci told ABC News earlier this month that he would not step down from his various roles in government until the Covid-19 pandemic was brought under control and the country got “back to normal.” 

“You know, we’re in a war,” he said. “It’s kind of like we’re halfway through World War II, and you decide, well, I think I’ve had enough of this. I’m walking away. You can’t do that. You’ve got to finish it.”

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